Greetings young citizens of the world

We are Anonymous

April 1st is operation LulzDay, a day which is traditionaly April Fools day. Anonymous are declaring this an Anon Holiday of Lulz when anyone can participate, but the fun does not end there.April 16th will be your day of Lulz, Anonymous are sending out a challenge to all students in protest against your school or college restricting your freedom of speech, your internet rights and agthumb|300px|right|#LulzChallengeainst bullying.Anonymous challenges you to gather your friends and to show your support by wearing a mask, educating your friends about their rights and showing your teachers that school is a place of learning and expression.Show your teachers and bullies that even though you may be young you still have rights and a voice and that you will be heard.Your freedoms and knowledge are not a privalage to be removed they are a human right.See how long you can last, how many people u can engage in conversation, use this as an oppurtunity to voice your opinions, to stand up for yourself and maybe invite that girl or boy that you like, you know the one. If asked to remove the mask remember to ask why, be respectful and be aware of your rights, if this can create discussion you have won. remember to work as a team and to let everyone know by posting on fb, twitter or on the irc how long you lasted before being demasked.

Remember this is for the lulz

We are Anonymous

We are Legion

We do not Forgive

We do not forget

Operation Lulzchallenge initiated

Expect us



'Troll masks': Vocabulary Words: *Privacy

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Security
  • Authroity
  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Education
  • Civil Disobedience
  • Lulz
  • Ethics
  • Y U MAD
  • Troll
  • Anonymous
  • Internet
  • Creativity
  • Knowledge
  • Bully
  • PublicRelations
  • Brainstorming
  • Wordsmithing
  • TechSupport