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We will never forget the ones that love and support us.
On Lulzday we set sail to some of the most awesome sites on the interwebz. To thank our supporters and allies for what they did for this world and for there support!

  1. Group together with anons in your community or on irc.
  2. Start finding targets! It can be from charities and human right watcher till anonymous supporters.
  3. Set sail to one of your targets. Everyone that is collaborating should go to the same site on the same time.
  4. Once arrived ( prob. a few ms later :p ) Unleash your comments with your thank you messages. Retweet there sites for some extra support, make support vids for them or whatever you like to support them.

This would be ideal OP for activists that don't or can't hack! If we follow true with this OP. We will get loads of media attention. And for once some positive PR :p

Enjoy your Lulzday!